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Our Roots

We are a New Zealand based social enterprise .Preserving Aotearoa’s waterways and our environment is central to our ethos.

Textiles are integral part of our lives, however textile waste has huge environmental impacts. The world generates around 82 billion tons of textile waste in a year and most clothing is made from synthetic fibers. Synthetic fibers are known to pollute oceans as they release micro fibers. We at The Native Loom decided to explore natural fiber based textiles that are kinder for the environment, the artisans who make it and most importantly for us to wear.

Long before power looms, textiles were traditionally made using a hand loom (comprising of vertical wooden shaft) or spinning wheel, which is operated manually. Textiles were dyed using natural plant based extracts. Textile art was a family based traditional practice and passed down via generations. Commercial textiles production threaten these traditional practices ,our ecology also our well-being.

We empower artisan and weaver community clusters in India, while producing natural fibre based textile products that support ecological balance and also sustain livelihoods.

The inspiration for our logo and brand name are the villages in Southern India "Sri Kalahasti and Pedana", Andhra Pradesh, where the "Kamalam" (Sanskrit for Lotus) blooms majestically. The lotus in many traditions stands as a symbol of purity. For us at The Native Loom the "Kamalam" symbolises the purity in natural elements, the purity in artisan's work and the purity in art itself.


We are delighted to welcome you to The Native Loom tribe!


Founder & Director 

Thriving Earth Limited

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