Our Roots

Long before power looms, textiles were traditionally made using a hand loom (comprising of vertical wooden shaft) or spinning wheel, which is operated manually. Traditional designs were produced by using wooden block (intrinsic designs carved by artists on wood blocks) and naturally dyed with plant extracts. This process is intensive as it involves knowledge on natural extracts which is very time consuming and manual. Thus making them most sustainable textiles.
The Native Loom was born out of love for revival of traditional, indigenous textiles and practical design to create a social and environmentally conscious tribe.
Inspired in New Zealand we envision a unique, high quality sustainable range of products for everyday use.
People, Planet and Culture are central to our ethos.We work in partnership to empower artisan and weaver clusters. Most of our artisan and weaver communities comprise of women and empowering them is our mission.
Change is inevitable and we believe in change that builds strong and sustainable communities focusing on environment, education and health.
The inspiration for our logo and brand name are the villages in Southern India "Sri Kalahasti and Pedana", Andhra Pradesh, where the "Kamalam" (Sanskrit for Lotus) blooms majestically. The lotus in many traditions stands as a symbol of purity. For us at The Native Loom the "Kamalam" symbolises the purity in natural elements, the purity in artisanal work and the purity in art itself.


We are delighted to welcome you to The Native Loom tribe!
-Sneha ,Founder The Native Loom
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