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People, planet and culture are central to our ethos.

People: We work in partnership to empower artisan and weaver community clusters in India. Our team of artisans are predominantly women who have traditional textile weaving skills that they have acquired through generations. We take steps to ensure safe and ethical working conditions along with, fair & living wages for our people.

Artisan women

Planet: It’s not a hidden fact that modern day cotton textiles are produced from genetically modified seeds using harmful pesticides & fertilisers. These toxins make their way into our soil, waterways, our air and our bodies every single second.

We are mindful of our impact on the planet and we ensure conscious practices by using:

  • Certified organic cotton and natural jute, hemp.
  • Naturally dyed using plant extracts and no toxic chemicals
  • Handmade by artisans
  • Ethically sourced
  • Preserving cultural traditions
  • Sustaining livelihoods
  • Plastic free packaging& labels
  • Reusable, supporting circular economyimpact

Culture: We see ourselves as a social enterprise, because we are motivated beyond profit; profit, otherwise being the unit of measuring success. Since inception we have:

  • Saved over 12,000 single use plastic bags from going into landfill
  • Supported 2 native tree planting initiatives within New Zealand.
  • Saved over 3000 litres of water by using organic farming
  • Consumed 75kgs of organic cotton
  • Empowered 21 women with fair & living wages in safe working conditionsimpact

Be believe there exists a sustainable way, were textiles can be produced without harming the environment and empower communities.